Blue Topaz 500 Gem Tree on Druzy Base 9"H

Size and shape of each cluster base and can vary slightly.

Blue Topaz is believed to stimulate truth and forgiveness. It is thought to relax the spirit as well as the body. Many who practice meditation consider it to be an excellent gemstone for attuning to their higher self.


This Blue Topaz gem tree has adjustable gemstone limbs. It has a well-balanced druzy base. A druzy base ( also known as Drusy or druse) is an aggregate mass of small crystals. The mass of crystals is formed by the intergrowth or clustering of different minerals. This gem tree contained 500 topaz crystals wrapped in a gold wire construction. 


This is a great gift item. It is a really attractive piece of home decor and a useful metaphysical instrument. Why not have both in one unique object?  




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