What Can You Do With CBD Isolate?

What Can You Do With CBD Isolate?

New Orleans' biggest smoke shop explains the multitude of ways this versatile powder can be used.

CBD isolate is the purest and most processed form of CBD. It contains no terpenes, essential oils, or any other compounds that are typically found in full-spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate is THC-free. So it won't intoxicate you or cause you to fail a drug test.

It is also the most potent form of CBD available, and it's less expensive than full-spectrum CBD. Since it is devoid of any hemp plant matter, CBD isolate does not benefit from the entourage effect. But you can add it to other compounds. Among CBD products, the strength, purity, and price of CBD isolate make it a very economical choice.

A Potent, Versatile, Economical Choice

CBD isolate is perhaps the most versatile form of CBD. It is odorless and oil-soluble, and it has a minimal earthy taste. As a powder, it mixes well with many other ingredients. You can use it with or without other compounds, and you can add it to food, drink, and beauty products.

CBD isolate is a good choice for beginners and veteran CBD users alike. It's an especially good choice if you want to completely avoid THC and exercise full control over how much CBD you use.

Granted that using CBD isolate is a cost-efficient and versatile way to incorporate CBD into your daily health routine, how might you do so? Here are a few suggestions.

Ways to Take CBD Isolate

1. Try a little under your tongue.

Sublingual application is one of the most effective methods of ingesting CBD. It enables the CBD to bypass the liver and be directly absorbed by mucous membranes, then by the bloodstream. Just put the powder directly under your tongue and keep it there for about a minute.

2. Add to any topical.

CBD isolate mixes well with any high-fat carrier oil. You can then use the CBD-enhanced oil as drops or apply it to your skin. Popular choices include olive oil, hemp seed oil, and MCT oil (oil made from medium-chain triglycerides). Also try adding the isolate to your favorite lotion, salve, or cream to make a do-it-yourself topical with an extra kick.

3. Mix with food or drink.

Odorless and almost tasteless, CBD isolate is a perfect addition to your coffee, smoothie, juice, or tea. Just stir it in and shake, or use a blender when that's more practical. The isolate mixes well with hot beverages. But don't heat it too much or it may lose some of its potency. You can also sprinkle it onto or stir it into sauces, salad dressings, soups, brownie batter, or really any food. If you mix it with oil first, the isolate has a better chance of permeating the gastrointestinal system and reaching the bloodstream.

4. Put into capsules.

Measure out the CBD isolate and insert it into capsules so that you can ingest it on the go. This way, you also fully control the dosage. We recommend storing the capsules in a dry, cool, sealed container to preserve the potency of the isolate.

Mushroom New Orleans has the best selection of high-quality CBD products in the city. We carry only the most reliable and trusted CBD brands, like Southern CBD and Crescent Canna, so that you consistently have the best experience possible. All of our products are lab-tested to verify quality, purity, safety, reliability, and compliance with Louisiana and federal regulations.

To ensure full compliance with Louisiana law, we sell CBD products in-store only. If you have any questions or need advice about which form of CBD is best for you, give us a call at (504) 866-6065 or contact us for more information. Even better: stop by! We're here between 10 a.m. and midnight.

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CBD products are only available in-store and are not available for online purchase.

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