Blink Blaze Torch Lighter White


Standing 6.6" tall, the Blaze is an excellent torch for the connoisseur who wants power on a budget. The Blaze has an adjustable single flame torch head, which provides the perfect amount of heat for most quartz and glass smoking accessories. It has a push-button igniter, and a childproof lock mechanism located on the side of the torch, next to the igniter button. The torch will not light if the switch is not moved to the open position. The open position allows the gas to flow to the igniter for ignition. 


Blink is a well-known American lighter and butane manufacturer. They take great pride in their high-quality materials. All of their torches and lighters go through a rigorous inspection to ensure their safety and durability. Its design is great for on-the-go use, fun recipes, or outdoor adventures. Blink Torch lighter has your butane and lighter needs covered!


*Disclaimer: does not come filled with butane



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