Blazer Big Shot Torch

-Single jet flame -Size: 7.5"

Blazer Big Shot GT 8000 torch is the only choice out there if you demand absolute perfection from your tools. These torches are engineered in Japan and then manufactured in New York to ensure maximum consistency and reliability. Fully filled you can achieve over 35 minutes of burn time with a 2,500°F flame so you don't need to worry about constantly refilling it. Piezo crystal ignition means you also will never need to worry about needing another method to light the flame, with just the push of a button it will light instantly!


Blazer is a popular company known for its high-quality torch lighters. They have been perfecting the craft for decades to ensure safety and also performance. Blazer is the creator of the first blue flame portable lighter and has a large variety of torches for industrial, kitchen, and on the go use.


*Disclaimer: does not come filled with butane

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Barcode: 853059001739