Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (2xLP Deluxe Edition)

Double LP, Deluxe Edition

Amy Winehouse’s second and final album, “Back in Black,” inspired a whole generation of pop artists, from Adele to Lana Del Rey, with smooth neo-soul style, poetic lyricism and belting voice. This album would launch Winehouse into the mainstream and soon make her the target of tabloid media wanting to expose the extent of her demons. Despite being a largely upbeat, cleaned-up album, Winehouse’s lyrics are dark, edgy and languishing. It captured the minds of critics earning her five Grammys that year. She has since been remembered as one of the greatest female musicians of all time.




  1. Rehab
  2. You Know I'm No Good
  3. Me & Mr. Jones
  4. Just Friends
  5. Back to Black
  6. Love Is a Losing Game
  7. Tears Dry on Their Own
  8. Wake Up Alone
  9. Some Unholy War
  10. He Can Only Hold Her
  11. Addicted
  12. Valerie
  13. Cupid
  14. Monkey Man
  15. To Know Him Is to Love Him
  16. Hey Little Rich Girl
  17. You're Wondering Now
  18. Some Unholy War
  19. Love Is a Losing Game [Original Demo]
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