Aloha Bay Rainbow Globe Candle

Aloha Bay

This fair trade candle was handmade in a rural factory in East Java (a province of Indonesia). Aloha Bay products are SA 8000 certified. A business must maintain exemplary business practices to be rewarded with this rare certification. The employees (mainly women) enjoy humane working conditions, good wages, benefits, and free health care.


This candle is made out of a 100% renewable coconut-based wax blend. The wax blend is a unique combination of pure vegetable waxes, such as coconut wax, carnauba wax ("The Queen of Waxes"), and palm wax. These waxes are derived from sustainable agriculture in South America and Malaysia.


Each candle is hand poured. Each color level is poured and then cools until the next color is poured. This signature technique is what creates each candle's brilliant color and perfect texture.


This is a fragrance-free candle which makes it perfect for sacred spaces. It has a 30-hour burn time. This is NON-GMO product. It is certified 100% vegan and kosher. 



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