8" Bent Neck 10 Arm Tree Perc Water Pipe

$54.99 $41.24

Standing 8" tall, it is the ideal-sized piece. Its weight and size make it fit perfectly in the hand. It has a nice sturdy base with very attractive color accents. The 10 arm tree diffuser is one of the most efficient and smooth style percolators. The small slits and openings in the diffuser yield more smoke per volume of air in one inhalation. The is the benefit of maximum diffusion. It produces a steady and evenly distributed ingestion of smoke or vapor.



We highly suggest getting a zip-up protective storage bag made specifically for water pipes. Vatra makes the most popular thick cushioned storage bags. 



Also, the 90° fixed downstem on this piece allows you to easily customize your session by adding a banger, ash catcher, or any other accessory with a 14mm male joint.




  • 8" Water Pipe
  • 14mm Standard Clear Bowl
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