710 Tools #The Dispenser - Flip Top Design

710 Tools
Sticky situations are a thing of the past. Whether it's your banger, your fingers, your concentrate tool, or anything else in reach that needs to be cleaned up, The Dispenser is the perfect solution. Made out of Glass and Stainless Steel.

The Dispenser is the perfect solution for cleaning smaller items in your smoking station, whether it's your banger, your fingers, or your concentrate tool. Gone are the days of pouring isopropyl everywhere, getting everything wet, and having your tools still not come out as clean as you need them to be. Simply fill the dispenser with alcohol and push down on the lid and the perfect amount is dispensed onto a swab or paper towel and you are ready to tackle those sticky messes before they even become a problem.


The Dispenser is made of quality glass and stainless steel and is engineered for convenience and simplicity. The base holds enough alcohol to clean all of your tools and accessories many times over and occupies a small footprint at your smoking station. The manufacturer does recommend that this product is used with isopropyl alcohol exclusively.

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