6oz Eyehategod Flask Matte Black

6oz stainless steel matte black flask.

Eyehategod is a New Orleans-based sludge metal band that formed in 1988. They are also close friends with the grindcore band Anal Cunt, whom they have played multiple shows with. The band is most known for their heavy, down-tuned, and bluesy guitar riffs, as well as their tortured vocals with lyrics centered around substance abuse and suffrage. The recording sessions were infamously chaotic and involved the studio owner frequently calling the band's producer to ask if they are insane. Most members of the band also had side acts like Down, Soilent Green, and Outlaw Order. 


The stainless steel flask is one of the handiest drinking accessories. It fits perfectly in most pockets. The plain stainless steel look is a classic design. Its style is as timeless as a zippo lighter. Check out our whole selection of drinking accessories. 




  • 1 6oz Stainless Steel Flask


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