3" Duggie Short Skinny Lock Top Dugout


Ah, the classic dugout. This smoking apparatus is almost as old as the smoke shop business. They are the perfect on-the-go smoking tool. Dugouts are discreet and are very pocket-friendly. Definitely ideal for the worker that needs something easy to use during break time. 


Each dugout has a generous storage area for ground-up dry material. Also comes with a complimentary storage spot for a traditional cigarette bat. This is one of the Duggie brand's many lock top designs. It is one of our best-selling Dugout products. The slim design is a favorite amongst pocket space-minded customers. 


It has an easy-to-use lock mechanism that does a wonderful job of ensuring none of your precious materials can accidentally spill into your pocket. There is nothing worse than pulling out a handful of lent and dry smoking material. They come in a variety of different tones of wood grains from light to dark. 


The Duggie brand is one of the few American-made dugout brands. They are manufactured in Ashville North Carolina. Each Duggie Dugout is crafted from recycled wood materials. This makes them more environmentally friendly than any other dugout on the market. Please show your support for an American business that makes a superior product at a competitive price. 




  • Press Finger Against Exposed Cigarette Bat
  • Gently Slide Finger Down While Continually Applying Pressure. This Unlocks The Top
  • Slide Top Over While Holding Bat in unlock position. 
  • Get To Business.




  • Small Size 2" Cigarette Bat






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