14mm Franticus Gold Fume Color Dots Water Pipe Bowl

14mm Ground Joint. Manufactured in Tucson, AZ. Made out if high grade German Borosilicate!

The Mushroom only carries products we believe in. This is why most of our glass is made of German Schott borosilicate, the most durable on the market. Unlike Chinese made pipes, these are seriously sturdy pieces that last. Made in the good old US of A, they are tough and reliable. They won't break if you accidentally set them down too hard, or drop them on the carpet. Making American pipes out of German borosilicate is a game-changer, not only are you getting a higher quality piece to sesh out of but you're also directly funneling money to artists and not huge foreign factories. Buying pipes made out of Schott glass is worth every penny spent. 


Franticus is an American glass company based out of Arizona. They are known for their durable pieces and use of high-quality borosilicate. Not only are their pipes sturdy, but they are also incredible art pieces. Franticus glass is up at the top of our best sellers list and make up a large portion of our glass collection. 




  • 14mm Franticus Gold Fume Color Dots Water Pipe Bowl
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