10" Textured Wrap Beaker Water Pipe

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A regal water pipe with plenty of class. The mouthpiece and bottom beaker chamber are both accentuated with a unique textured color wrap and gold color trim. It feels great in the hand and looks even better to the eye. The Textured design makes this water pipe look extremely high-end while actually being very affordable. 



This classic beaker water pipe with stunning color accents is an excellent choice for the glass connoisseur on a budget. Standing 10" tall, 3mm thick glass and a wide base make this a super durable piece that's large enough to let you take huge rips but also small enough to be easily stored or packed up safely for travel. Big hits are no challenge for this piece, featuring a diffused downstem to quickly break up your smoke into tiny bubbles and an ice pinch to cool the smoke even more before you inhale.



This is definitely one of our favorite pieces, and we simply can't recommend it enough! We highly suggest getting a zip-up protective storage bag made specifically for water pipes. Vatra makes the most popular thick cushioned storage bags. 



Also, the 45° fixed downstem on this piece allows you to easily customize your session by adding a 45° banger, ash catcher, or any other accessory with a 14mm male joint.





  • 10" Beaker Water Pipe
  • 14mm Funnel Bowl
  • Diffuser Downstem
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